Adult Development and Aging The Canadian Experience by Lori Harper – Test Bank


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Adult Development and Aging The Canadian Experience by Lori Harper – Test Bank

ISBN-13: 9780176594138, ISBN-10: 0176594132

CHAPTER 1:Issues to Consider in the Study of Adult Development



  1. Which of the following describes Dr. McKinna, a scientist who specializes in the study of aging?
  2. gerontologist
  3. geriatric psychiatrist
  4. developmental psychologist
  5. chronologist



RAT:  The term gerontologist is used to refer to scientists who study aging.

REF:  p. 2 Historical Aspects of the Study of Adult Development

BLM: Bloom’s Taxonomy: Apply



2.Dr. Li is writing a research paper that she plans to submit to a journal published by the American Psychological Association.Dr. Li is describing a study she conducted where the participants were between the ages of 55 and 75.Which of the following terms should Dr. Li use to describe her participants?

  1. senior citizens
  2. elderly persons
  3. older adults
  4. baby boomers



RAT: Older adult is preferred because it does not have negative connotations and can be used to refer to older people from different generations.

REF:  p. 2 A Word on Terminology

BLM: Bloom’s Taxonomy: Apply



  1. Which researcher is known for championing the study of development across the entire lifespan rather than focusing on children and adolescents?
  2. Gilligan
  3. Vygotsky
  4. Piaget
  5. Baltes



RAT:  Gilligan did not study development and Vygotsky and Piaget focused on development in childhood and adolescence.

REF:  p. 4 The Lifespan Developmental Perspective

BLM: Bloom’s Taxonomy: Remember



4.The fact that development involves both increases and decreases and that this varies within people and between people reflects which of the key principles to the study of development?

  1. history and context
  2. plasticity
  3. multiple causality
  4. multi-directionality



RAT:  The term multi-directionality implies that a person may have gains in one area and losses in another area as they develop.

REF:  p. 4What Influences Lifespan Development?

BLM: Bloom’s Taxonomy:Remember



5.Norman was in a serious car accident when he was 20 years old.A developmental psychologist would MOST likely classify this event as which of the following?

  1. a normative age-graded influence
  2. a normative history-graded influence
  3. a non-normative influence
  4. an environmental influence



RAT:  The accident would be considered a non-normative influence because it is a rare event not linked to age or other people in Norman’s society.

REF:  p. 4 What Influences Lifespan Development?

BLM: Bloom’s Taxonomy: Apply


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