America’s Courts and the Criminal Justice System 10th Edition by David W. Neubauer – Test Bank


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America‘s Courts and the Criminal Justice System 10th Edition by David W. Neubauer – Test Bank

ISBN-13: 978-0495809906, ISBN-10: 049580990X




  1. The most influential actor in the courthouse is the:
a. judge c. clerk of courts
b. defense attorney d. prosecutor

ANS: D                   REF:  12                  OBJ:  4


  1. A trial by a judge without a jury is called a ____________________ trial.
a. judge c. bench
b. bar d. summary

ANS: C                    REF:  15                  OBJ:  5


  1. The operation of two separate and distinct court systems in the United States is referred to as:
a. a dual court system c. full faith and credit
b. checks and balances d. comity

ANS: A                   REF:  9                    OBJ:  3


  1. The crime control and due process models were first developed by:
a. James Q. Wilson c. Dominick Dunn
b. Samuel Walker d. Herbert Packer

ANS: D                   REF:  20                  OBJ:  7


  1. The key value of the crime control model is:
a. repression of crime c. the rights of victims
b. the rights of defendants d. the integrity of the courts

ANS: A                   REF:  20                  OBJ:  7


  1. Which of the following are the three main components of the American Criminal Justice system?
a. Federal, state and local
b. Judges, prosecutors, and defense attorneys
c. Police, courts, and corrections
d. Probation, prison, and parole

ANS: C                    REF:  7                    OBJ:  2


  1. Which of the following is one reason the prosecution of Paul House differ from a typical felony prosecution?
a. Because House represented himself in the trial
b. Because House appealed his case to numerous courts including the United

States Supreme Court

c. Because House’s wealth enabled him to hire a high-powered team of criminal

defense attorneys

d. Because House opted for a bench trial

ANS: B                    REF:  9                    OBJ:  1


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