Andersons Caring for Older Adults Holistically 6th Edition by Tamara R. Dahlkemper – Test Bank


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Andersons Caring for Older Adults Holistically 6th Edition by Tamara R. Dahlkemper – Test Bank

ISBN-13: 978-0803645493, ISBN-10: 080364549X

Chapter 1: Holistic Caring

Multiple Choice

Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1.   According to the 2010 U.S. Census, approximately how many Americans are older than age 65?

1) 2%
2) 5%
3) 13%
4) 20%

2.   What is the average life expectancy today?

1) 70.2 years
2) 75 years
3) 81.1 years for women and 76.3 years for men
4) Longer for men than for women

3.   Which statement is NOT true about holistic nursing?

1) Holistic nursing focuses on the specific disease or disorder a person has in order to treat it effectively.
2) Holistic nursing aims to treat the whole person, not just a specific disease or disorder the person may have.
3) Holistic nursing focuses on the individual patient and uses many techniques, such as empathetic listening, music, and imagery, as well as specific clinical skills.
4) Holistic nursing weaves the technical skills of nursing with the social science skills that enhance communication and rapport between the nurse and the person receiving care.

4.   The Science of Human Caring theory was developed by

1) Florence Nightingale
2) Clara Barton
3) Jean Watson
4) Savage and Money

5.   Which is NOT emphasized in The Science of Human Caring?

1) Providing transpersonal caring
2) Focusing on the person while you are with him or her
3) Ensuring that all nonessential tasks, such as bathing, are given according to a strict schedule
4) Reaching out to the patient, making eye contact, touching if appropriate, speaking softly

6.   Which of the following is included as a basic concept of holistic nursing?

1) Using your developed clinical expertise
2) Developing a close relationship with the patient’s family members and significant others
3) Remembering the personal intuition and creativity of patients in your nursing plan
4) All of the above

7.   Most elderly people having a heart attack have

1) Pain diffused over the entire chest area
2) No pain
3) Crushing sternal pain
4) Pain on the left side of the chest and pain that radiates down the left arm

8.   Compared with the doses of medication given to a young adult, the doses given to an old-old person are usually

1) Smaller
2) Larger, because the old-old person is probably sicker
3) The same
4) Minimal, because the person is very old and probably near death


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