Applied Sport Psychology Personal Growth to Peak Performance 7th Edition By Jean Williams – Test Bank


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Applied Sport Psychology Personal Growth to Peak Performance 7th Edition By Jean Williams – Test Bank

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Chapter 1: Sport Psychology: Past, Present, and Future

Multiple Choice Items

  1. Sport psychologists study all the following EXCEPT for:
  2. motivation
  3. violence
  4. group dynamics
  5. thoughts and feelings of athletes
  6. Freudian theories (page 1 left)

Answer: e

  1.               focuses on psychological theories and interventions that can be used to enhance performance, participation, and personal growth.
  2. social psychology
  3. bio-behavioral psychology
  4. applied sport psychology (page 1 right)
  5. developmental psychology

Answer: c

  1. One general goal of sport psychology interventions is to:
  2. investigate deep issues and past memories that shape the athlete’s personality
  3. develop the ideal mental climate to allow athlete to perform best (page 1 right)
  4. gain all information about physical abilities of athletes and apply it
  5. confront the athlete about an issue in a group setting with teammates involved

Answer: b

  1. Considered the grandfather of sport psychology in North America, this former University of Illinois professor wrote two books, Psychology of Coaching (1926) and Psychology of Athletes (1928):
  2. Bruce Ogilvie
  3. Ferruccio Antonelli
  4. John Watson
  5. Coleman Griffith (page 2 right)

Answer: d

  1. The 1960s era of Sport Psychology was known for:
  2. first attempt to form professional organizations of sport psychology (page 3 right)
  3. acceptance of sport psychology as a separate subdiscipline within kinesiology
  4. its failure to have any individuals doing applied work with teams
  5. all of the above

Answer: a

  1.                       considers person and environmental variables and their potential interaction.
  2. Humanistic theory
  3. Cognitive psychology
  4. Interactionism paradigm (page 5 left)
  5. Person-environmental relations

Answer: c

  1. Exercise and health psychology deals with:
  2. psychological effects of over-training
  3. factors influencing exercise participation
  4. injury and injury rehabilitation
  5. all of the above (page 6 left)

Answer: d

  1. All of the following occurred during the 1980’s era in sport psychology EXCEPT for:
  2. formation of Association for the Advancement of Applied Sport Psychology (AASP)
  3. formation of American Psychological Association (APA) Division 47
  4. increased use of sport psychology within USOC
  5. formation of International Society of Sport Psychology (ISSP) (page 3 right)

Answer: d


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