Arts And Culture An Introduction To The Humanities Combined Volume 4th Edition – Test Bank


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Arts And Culture An Introduction To The Humanities Combined Volume 4th Edition by Janetta Rebold Benton – Test Bank

ISBN-13: 978-0205816675, ISBN-10: 0205816673

Chapter 1: Prehistoric, Mesopotamian, and Egyptian Civilizations


Multiple Choice

  1. It is thought that the __________ was used for Old Kingdom tombs because, as one of the most stable geometric forms, it symbolized permanence to ancient Egyptians.
  2. circle
  3. cube
  4. sphere
  5. pyramid
  6. cone

Answer: D

Page ref: 22


  1. During the New Kingdom, burial in __________ replaced burial in pyramids.
  2. the temple
  3. rock-cut tombs
  4. a courtyard in the palace
  5. the city square
  6. none of the above

Answer: B

Page ref: 26


  1. The Human-Headed Winged Lion (fig. 1.9) with the body of a lion, wings of a bird, and head of a human probably functioned as a(n) __________.
  2. worshipper in the temples
  3. figure celebrating military victories
  4. guardian figure
  5. illustration of favorite stories
  6. king

Answer: C

Page ref: 13


  1. Which of the following is not true regarding Paleolithic sculpture?
  2. The most frequently depicted subjects are memory images of animals
  3. There are few figures of wood or other perishable materials that remain today
  4. The most famous example of a sculpture from the era is the Woman (or Venus) of Willendorf (fig. 1.2)
  5. In France, a clay sculpture of two bison was found
  6. No humans are represented

Answer: E

Page ref: 5


  1. The basic plan of the rock-cut tombs of the Middle Kingdom resemble __________.
  2. an Egyptian home of the time
  3. the pharaoh’s palace
  4. a typical Egyptian shop
  5. the simplest type of temple
  6. both B and D

Answer: A

Page ref: 26



  1. Egyptian relief sculptures and paintings show human figures both in profile and frontal positions simultaneously __________.
  2. t0 display each part of the body from its most characteristic point of view
  3. because artists were unskilled in drawing the human body
  4. because such a design was dictated by Egyptian religious beliefs
  5. none of the above
  6. both A and C

Answer: A

Page ref: 29


  1. The only significant break in the continuity of Egyptian life were the political, religious, and artistic changes during the reign of which pharaoh?
  2. Zoser
  3. Chefren
  4. Tutankhamen
  5. Akhenaten
  6. Mycerinus

Answer: D

Page ref: 31


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