Basic Concepts Of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 8th Edition by Louise Rebraca Shives -Test Bank


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Basic Concepts Of Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing 8th Edition by Louise Rebraca Shives -Test Bank

1. On the first day of a psychiatric-mental health nursing clinical, a student nurse is assigned to work with a 24-year-old male client who is being treated for major depression due to a recent diagnosis of AIDS. Which of the following questions of the nurse would reflect prejudice regarding the client?
A) “Does depression often occur when young people get a diagnosis of AIDS?”
B) “What is the physiological reason that depression might happen in conjunction with this diagnosis?”
C) “Does the client’s family know he is depressed and in treatment? I haven’t seen any visitors since he was admitted.”
D) “Why do gay men seem to get depressed more often? Could it be related to IV drug abuse?”
Ans: D
Prejudice is a judgment or opinion (“preconceived notion”) that has been made or formed before any knowledge or facts have been gathered. In option D, the student has already assumed that because the client has AIDS, he is gay and also may use IV drugs, and therefore, the student’s question reflects prejudice. Asking a question regarding the development of depression following a diagnosis of AIDS in young people, investigating the physiologic reason for depression occurring in a client diagnosed with AIDS, and determining if the client’s family has knowledge of the depression are all relevant questions posed by the student nurse.



2. Which of the following would be the most therapeutic student nurse response to the client’s question, “Hi. What is your name?”
A) “My name is Dorothy, and I am a student nurse at Oakdale University School of Nursing.”
B) “Why do you ask?”
C) “It is interesting that you would ask about my name. What is your name?”
D) “I would like to tell you; however, it is against the policy at Oakdale Hospital to reveal personal information.”
Ans: A
There are clinical situations in which it is unadvisable to provide personal information about oneself. However, other situations merit the cautious sharing of personal information; this is one. Providing her name gives the student credibility and establishes trust. To withhold this type of information would make the client uncomfortable and possibly suspicious of the student.



3. The student nurse is beginning her first day of clinical in a mental health unit. The nurse realizes that therapeutic communication can occur even if the nurse is not certain of how to initiate the conversation. This is because?
A) It does not matter what you say to the client.
B) Sincerity, honesty, respect, and caring are the most important elements in communication and will overcome anything you may say that could be nontherapeutic.
C) Psychiatric-mental health clients do not really understand what you say most of the time anyway.
D) Clients in most mental health settings are cognitively impaired.
Ans: B
Sincerity, honesty, respect, and caring are hallmarks of being an effective psychiatric-mental health care provider. If the student nurse is sincere and honest, shows respect for the client, and displays a caring attitude, the staff and clients will give the student their trust.



4. A Hispanic man employed as a sales representative goes into a local department store to pick up a gift for his wife. As he walks around the store, the security guard appraises the man’s race, comes up to him, and says, “You need to leave the store because of your suspicious behavior.” This is an example of
A) Cultural isolation
B) Dislocation
C) Prejudice
D) Discrimination
Ans: D
Discrimination occurs when there is treatment or consideration that is based on class or category rather than on individual merit. In this case, the man has been treated differently (asked to leave) based on his race, because there is no other defining characteristic or behavior that he is exhibiting that would lead to his expulsion from the store.


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