Biology A Guide To The Natural World 5th Edition By David Krogh -Test Bank


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Biology A Guide To The Natural World 5th Edition By David Krogh -Test Bank

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1) What is the difference between a tissue and an organ system?

A) An organ system includes tissues.

B) Tissues are not composed of cells, but organ systems are composed of cells.

C)A tissue cannot exist unless it is part of an organ system, but an organ system can exist
independently of tissues.

D) Tissues are composed of organ systems.

Answer: A

2) Which of the following is an example of how living things assimilate energy?

A) producing a new generation of offspring

B) solving a mathematics problem

C) blinking at a bright light

D) eating a meal

Answer: D

3) Because scientists are in the business of investigating nature, scientists function as: 3) A) society’s eyes and ears on the natural world. B) protectors of the natural world. C) political advisors. D) authorities on the natural world. Answer: A
Explanation: A) B) C) D)

4) Evolution allows us to explain:

A) both the diversity of life and how all living things are related.

B) only the diversity of life.

C) only the origin of life.

D) only the unity of life.

Answer: A

5)The liver releases glucose into the bloodstream if you don’t eat for a long time. This represents an
example of a characteristic possessed by all living things. Which is it?

A) possessing an inherited information base

B) maintaining a relatively constant internal environment

C) being able to reproduce

D) being composed of cells

Answer: B


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