College English and Business Communication 11Th Edition By Camp


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College English and Business Communication 11Th Edition By Camp

Chapter 1   Communicating in Everyday Life


1) Oral communication is the use of spoken words to exchange ideas and information.


2) Nonverbal communication includes written messages.


3) The other communication skills assist listening in every profession.


4) Feedback to a message may include a written response and verbal questions, but it does not include nonverbal gestures.


5) Physical distractions as barriers to communication are usually harder to prevent in a speaking or listening situation because the surroundings cannot be controlled or changed.


6) Miscommunication occurs when components of the intended message, actual message, or interpreted message are different for either the sender or the receiver.


7) Intrapersonal communication is the communication that occurs between two people.


8) The you-attitude involves putting your reader or listener first and being considerate of the other person.


9) Written communication is most effective when the sender has good writing skills and the receiver has good reading skills.


10) Reading is an inefficient means of gaining information because you cannot control the flow of information.


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