Concepts of Genetics 3Rd Edition By Robert – Test Bank


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Concepts of Genetics 3Rd Edition By Robert – Test Bank

Chapter 1   Overview of Genetics


1) The basic unit of heredity is the ________.

  1. A) individual
  2. B) gene
  3. C) macromolecule
  4. D) trait


2) A variation of a gene is called a(n) ________.

  1. A) species
  2. B) morph
  3. C) genome
  4. D) allele
  5. E) proteome


3) Which of the following acts to accelerate chemical reactions in a cell?

  1. A) nucleic acids
  2. B) lipids
  3. C) carbohydrates
  4. D) enzymes


4) The building blocks of DNA are ________.

  1. A) amino acids
  2. B) carbohydrates
  3. C) enzymes
  4. D) nucleotides
  5. E) lipids


5) A cellular structure that contains genetic information is called a ________.

  1. A) nucleotide
  2. B) genetic code
  3. C) chromosome
  4. D) nucleic acid


6) If a carbohydrate is going to be broken down for energy, which of the following molecules would be directly involved in the breakdown?

  1. A) enzymes
  2. B) nucleotides
  3. C) microtubules
  4. D) lipids
  5. E) chromosomes




7) RNA is formed by the process of ________.

  1. A) transcription
  2. B) translation
  3. C) both transcription and translation


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