Constitutional Law And the Criminal Justice System 6th edition by Harr – Test Bank


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Constitutional Law And the Criminal Justice System 6th edition by Harr – Test Bank

  1. Formal ties between Great Britain and the United States were severed:
  2. a. when the American Declaration of Independence was
  3. when the colonists boarded British ships and threw tea overboard.
  4. c. through the drafting of the Magna
  5. at the meeting of the First Continental Congress.


ANSWER:           a



  1. The Magna Carta was created:
  2. a. to ensure that states maintained power apart from the national
  3. to outline colonists’ complaints against the British crown.
  4. c. in England to guarantee that the king could not put himself above the
  5. by British Parliament in protest of the U.S. Declaration of Independence.


ANSWER:           c



  1. The second paragraph of the Declaration of Independence stated that a government’s right to rule is based upon:
  2. a. the obligation of the wealthy to provide for those less
  3. permission from the people who are governed.
  4. c. the need for a strong centralized government on American
  5. the Magna Carta’s guarantee that rulers shall not place themselves above the law.


ANSWER:                            b

REFERENCES:                    10



  1. The primary reason some states were reluctant to accept the Constitution was:
  2. a. It failed to establish a balance of
  3. It failed to abolish slavery.
  4. c. It did not contain a bill of
  5. It did not allow smaller states adequate representation in the national government.


ANSWER:                            c

REFERENCES:                    20



  1. The Second Continental Congress resulted in all of the following, except:
  2. a. the naming of George Washington as Commander of the Continental
  3. the battles at Lexington and Concord.
  4. c. instructing each colony to assume the powers of independent
  5. the signing of the Declaration of Independence.


ANSWER:                            b

REFERENCES:                    10



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