Contemporary Nursing Issues Trends And Management 7th Edition By Cherry DNSc MBA RN NEA-BC – Test Bank


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Contemporary Nursing Issues Trends And Management 7th Edition By Cherry DNSc MBA RN NEA-BC – Test Bank

Chapter 01: The Evolution of Professional Nursing

Cherry & Jacob: Contemporary Nursing: Issues, Trends, and Management, 7th Edition




  1. Clara Barton is known for:
a. becoming the first black public health nurse.
b. establishing the Henry Street Settlement.
c. founding the American Red Cross.
d. publicizing the inadequacies of hospital-based nursing schools.




The American Red Cross, founded by Clara Barton in 1882, assisted in efforts to continue public health nursing.


DIF:    Knowledge     REF:   p. 11


  1. Students are assigned to write to their state leaders about an issue affecting their community. One student writes about the need among rural community for greater access to acute care services. Which of the following pieces of legislation should the student use as a reference?
a. Social Security Act
b. Hill-Burton Act
c. Sheppard-Towner Act
d. U.S. Civil Service Act




The purpose of the Hill-Burton Act was to provide funding to construct hospitals and to help states in plan for other health care facilities in accordance with the needs of communities.


DIF:    Knowledge     REF:   p. 13


  1. The practice of public health nursing and the Henry Street Settlement are credited to:
a. Mary Breckenridge.
b. Mary Seacole.
c. Clara Barton.
d. Lillian Wald.




Lillian Wald, a pioneer in public health nursing, is best known for the development and establishment of the Henry Street Settlement.


DIF:    Knowledge     REF:   p. 6


  1. Occupational health nursing features beliefs similar to those of which early nursing pioneer?
a. Lillian Wald
b. Florence Nightingale
c. Clara Barton
d. Mary Seacole




Lillian Wald developed the first nursing service for occupational health.


DIF:    Comprehension                              REF:   p. 10


  1. What historical event first led to the recognition of the contribution of blacks to nursing?
a. Florence Nightingale’s acceptance of black nurses into the first nursing school
b. The contributions of black nurses at the Pennsylvania Hospital, the first hospital in America
c. Mary Seacole’s efforts to care for soldiers during the Crimean War
d. The work done by wives of wealthy black nobles who carried food and medicine from house to house during the Middle Ages




Although Nightingale’s school refused Seacole, she was able to make a difference in the Crimean War and later was recognized for her efforts.


DIF:    Comprehension                              REF:   pp. 8-9


  1. World War I contributed to the advancement of health care by:
a. increasing the number of private care hospitals and decreasing the role of public health services.
b. employing a large number of civilians to provide care to returning soldiers through the Red Cross.
c. introducing specialists in nursing such as nurse anesthetists.
d. increasing the number of community health nurses.




World War I offered nurses a chance to enter into new fields of specialization, as is seen in the example of nurse anesthetists, who became part of surgical teams at the front lines.


DIF:    Comprehension                              REF:   p. 11


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