Criminal Evidence Principles and Cases 8th Edition by Gardner – Test Bank


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Criminal Evidence Principles and Cases 8th Edition by Gardner – Test Bank



CHAPTER 1 History and Development of the Law of Criminal Justice 1
Test Bank 7
CHAPTER 2 Important Aspects of the American Criminal Justice System 18
Test Bank 24
CHAPTER 3 Using Evidence to Determine Guilt or Innocence 34
Test Bank 40
CHAPTER 4 Direct and Circumstantial Evidence and the Use of Inferences 51
  Test Bank 57
CHAPTER 5 Witnesses and the Testimony of Witnesses 68
Test Bank 73
CHAPTER 6 Judicial Notice, Privileges of Witnesses, and Shield Laws 84
Test Bank 90
CHAPTER 7 The Use of Hearsay in the Courtroom 101
Test Bank 105
CHAPTER 8 The Confrontation Clause and Exceptions to the Hearsay Rule 116
Test Bank 121
CHAPTER 9 The Exclusionary Rule 132
  Test Bank 136
CHAPTER 10 Where the Exclusionary Rule Does Not Apply 147
Test Bank 153
CHAPTER 11 “Special Needs” and Administrative Searches 164
Test Bank 170
CHAPTER 12 Obtaining Statements and Confessions for Use as Evidence 182
  Test Bank 188
CHAPTER 13 The Law Governing Identification Evidence 199
Test Bank 204
CHAPTER 14 Obtaining Physical and Other Evidence 215
Test Bank 220
CHAPTER 15 Obtaining Evidence from Computers or by Use of Search Warrants, Wiretapping, or Dogs Trained to Indicate an Alert 232
Test Bank 238
CHAPTER 16 The Crime Scene, the Chain of Custody Requirement, and the Use of Fingerprints and Trace Evidence 250
  Test Bank 255
CHAPTER 17 Videotapes, Photographs, Documents, and Writings as Evidence 267
Test Bank 272
CHAPTER 18 Scientific Evidence 284
Test Bank 289
APPENDIX Teaching Using Learning Objectives 301


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