Cultural Anthropology By Nanda 11Th Edition By Serena Nanda- Test bank


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Cultural Anthropology By Nanda 11Th Edition By Serena Nanda- Test bank

Chapter 1

Anthropology and Human Diversity

Learning Objectives

The chapter introduces students to the discipline of anthropology, describing its scope, specializations, and the features that make it a unique social science. It presents anthropology’s understanding of human diversity and ways that anthropology helps us to understand human cultures, including our own. After reading Chapter 1, students should be able to:


  1. Define anthropology and explain how it differs from other academic disciplines.


  1. List what the major subdisciplines of anthropology are.


  1. Explain some of the ways in which anthropology is applied both for careers and for general understanding.


  1. Discuss and explain the ideas of cultural relativism and ethnocentrism.


  1. Describe anthropology’s position on race and explain the critical factors that lead the discipline to take such a position.


  1. Describe some of the changes in the conditions under which anthropologists work and the ways anthropology has changed as a result.


  1. Describe some of the key reasons for studying anthropology.

Key Terms

These are the anthropological terms introduced in Chapter 1.Students can write definitions of these terms during class or while studying to see how well they understood the reading.


applied anthropology  9

archaeology  6

artifact  6

biological (or physical) anthropology  4

biopsychological equality  13

cultural anthropology  3

cultural relativism  12

cultural resource management (CRM)  7

culture  7

emic (perspective)  7

ethnocentrism   12

ethnography  7

ethnology  8

etic (perspective)  8

historical linguists  5

holistic/holism  4

human variation  4

indigenous peoples  10

linguistic anthropology  5

paleoanthropology  4

participant observation  7

prehistoric  6

primate  5

racism  12

society  7


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