Elementary Statistics Picturing the World 7th Edition By Ron Larson Test Bank


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Elementary Statistics Picturing the World 7th Edition By Ron Larson Test Bank


Table of Contents

Chapter IR1

IR1.1 Reading Graphs (Section 1.1)

IR1.2 Basic Mathematical Symbols and Greek Letters (Section 1.1)

IR1.3 Percents (Section 1.1)

IR1.4 Addition and Subtraction of Integers (Section 1.2)

Chapter 1: Introduction to Statistics

1.1 An Overview of Statistics

1.2 Data Classification

1.3 Data Collection and Experimental Design

Chapter IR2

IR2.1 Multiplication and Division of Integers (Section 2.1)

IR2.2 Order of Operations (Section 2.1)

IR2.3 Operations with Fractions and Decimals (Section 2.1)

IR2.4 Significant Digits and Rounding (Section 2.1)

IR2.5 The Number Line and Ordering Numbers (Section 2.2)

IR2.6 The xy-Plane and Point Plotting (Section 2.1)

IR2.7 Summation (Section 2.1)

IR2.8 Evaluating Formulas (Section 2.1)

IR2.9 Operations with Summations (Section 2.3)

IR2.10 Exponents (Section 2.4)

IR2.11 Operations with Square Roots (Section 2.4)

IR2.12 Division Involving Powers and Square Roots (Section 2.4)

IR2.13 Absolute Value (Section 2.4)

Chapter 2: Descriptive Statistics

2.1 Frequency Distributions and Their Graphs

2.2 More Graphs and Displays

2.3 Measures of Central Tendency

2.4 Measures of Variation

2.5 Measures of Position

Chapter IR3

IR3.1 More Multiplication and Division (Section 3.1)

IR3.2 Double Inequalities (Section 3.1)

IR3.3 Translating Verbal Phrases (Section 3.2)

IR3.4 Factorials (Section 3.4)

IR3.5 Operations with Factorials (Section 3.4)

IR3.6 Scientific Notation (Section 3.4)

Chapter 3: Probability

3.1 Basic Concepts of Probability and Counting

3.2 Conditional Probability and the Multiplication Rule

3.3 The Addition Rule

3.4 Additional Topics in Probability and Counting

Chapter IR4

IR4.1 More Translating Verbal Phrases (Section 4.2)

Chapter 4: Discrete Probability Distributions

4.1 Probability Distributions

4.2 Binomial Distributions

4.3 More Discrete Probability Distributions

Chapter IR5

IR5.1 More Division Involving Square Roots (Section 5.1)

Chapter 5: Normal Probability Distributions

5.1 Introduction to Normal Distributions and the Standard Normal Distribution

5.2 Normal Distributions: Finding Values

5.4 Sampling Distributions and the Central limit Theorem

5.5 Normal Approximations to Binomial Distributions

Chapter IR6

IR6.1 Intervals on the Number Line (Section 6.1)

Chapter 6: Confidence Intervals

6.1 Confidence Intervals for the Mean (σknown)

6.2 Confidence Intervals for the Mean (σunknown)

6.3 Confidence Intervals for Population Proportions

6.4 Confidence Intervals for Variance and Standard Deviation

Chapter 7: Hypothesis Testing with One Sample

7.1 Introduction to Hypothesis Testing

7.2 Hypothesis Testing for the Mean (σknown)

7.3 Hypothesis Testing for the Mean (σunknown)

7.4 Hypothesis Testing for Proportions

7.5 Hypothesis Testing for Variance and Standard Deviation

Chapter 8: Hypothesis Testing with Two Samples

8.1 Testing the Difference Between Means (Independent Samples, σ1 andσKnown)

8.2 Testing the Difference Between Means (Independent Samples, σ1 andσKnown)

8.3 Testing the Difference Between Means (Dependent Samples)

8.4 Testing the Difference Between Proportions

Chapter IR9

IR7.1 Slope-Intercept Form of the Equation of a Line (Section 9.2)

Chapter 9: Correlation and Regression

9.1 Correlation

9.2 Linear Regression

9.3 Measures of Regression and Prediction Intervals

9.4 Multiple Regression

Chapter 10: Chi-Square Tests and the F-Distribution

10.1 Goodness-of-Fit Test

10.2 Independence

10.3 Comparing Two Variances

10.4 Analysis of Variance

Chapter 11: Nonparametric Tests (Web Only)

11.1 The Sign Test

11.2 The Wilcoxon Tests

11.3 The Kruskal-Wallis Test

11.4 Rank Correlation

11.5 The Runs Test

Appendix A: Alternative Presentation of the Standard Normal Distribution

Appendix B: Tables

Appendix C: Normal Probability Plots


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