Employment Relations 4th Edition By Bray Test Bank


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Employment Relations 4th Edition By Bray Test Bank

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Chapter 01 Testbank

Student: ___________________________________________________________________________

1. Employment relations primarily concerns the study of:

A. trends in employment.


B. organisations with employees from the same family.


C. the employment relationship.


D. None of the options given here is correct


2. Which of the following descriptions have become associated with the term ‘industrial relations’?

A. Conflictual and collectivist


B. Harmonious


C. Sensational and dramatic


D. Both conflictual and collectivist, and sensational and dramatic


3. According to the institutionalist theoretical tradition, employment relations is best described as:

A. the study of new institutions and their impact on relationships at work.


B. the study of informal relationships at work.


C. the study of formal rules governing employment standards, and the processes by which such rules are determined.


D. the study of informal and formal rules regulating the employment relationship, and the social processes that create and enforce these rules.


4. The vitality and relevance of industrial relations has been undermined by:

A. the traditional preoccupation with the study of trade unions.


B. the traditional preoccupation with collective bargaining.


C. the decline in union membership and power.


D. All of the options given here are correct.


5. What are the two main ways to separate the different theoretical approaches to the study of the employment relationship?

A. Analytical tools and ideological perspectives


B. Analytical tools and theoretical perspectives


C. Critical approaches and ideological perspectives


D. Critical approaches and theoretical perspectives



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