Experiencing the Lifespan 3rd Edition by Belsky -Test Bank


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Experiencing the Lifespan 3rd Edition by Belsky -Test Bank

1. List three normative and three non-normative influences in your life.



2. Describe (and speculate) on the ways an 80-year-old and a 20-year-old might view the Great Recession and Obama’s presidency.



3. Joey and Jack are born on the same day in the same hospital. The socioeconomic status of Joey’s family is higher than average. Jack comes from a poverty-level family. What differences between Joe and Jack might you predict as they travel through life?



4. Explain how you might teach table manners to a 4-year-old, using operant conditioning.



5. Brandi, a college sophomore, seeks help from the counseling center for her extreme shyness and is offered a choice of treatments. She can have sessions with a behavioral therapist, work with a psychoanalyst, or get therapy from a person who follows the developmental systems perspective. Explain in a sentence how each treatment would differ from the others.



6. Dr. Ragan, a behaviorist, is the new director of an organization that prepares people to return to college after they have dropped out. Dr. Ragan’s mission is to design a program to assist clients in their efforts to successfully reenter school. Using the principles of traditional behaviorism, modeling, and self-efficacy, spell out some strategies that Dr. Regan might employ.



7. Spell out the main similarity and difference between John Bowlby’s attachment theory and traditional psychoanalytic theory.



8. As a psychologist, you want to determine the heritability (or genetic contribution) to political attitudes. Describe how you would design your study. What findings would suggest that political attitudes are highly genetic?



9. Give an example each of evocative and active genetic/environment forces and how they have shaped the person you are. Then give an example of either an optimum or poor person-environment fit this semester in your life.



10. Compare and contrast Erikson and Freud’s ideas.


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