Exploring Psychology 10th Edition by David G. Myers -Test Bank


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Exploring Psychology 10th Edition by David G. Myers -Test Bank

1. Five students received the following test scores: 7, 11, 5, 6, and 11. Calculate the mode, median, mean, and range of this distribution of scores. Which measure of central tendency would change the most if an additional test score of 2 were included in the distribution?



2. The table lists the scores of eight students on a test to measure anxiety, as well as the typical number of cigarettes each person smokes daily. Scores on the anxiety test can range anywhere from a low of 0 (indicating very low anxiety) to a high of 30 (indicating very high anxiety).

Anxiety Cigarettes
Student Test Score Smoked Daily
1   8 11
2   9   3
3 15 11
4 14 16
5 21 26
6 12 10
7 22 24
8 17 18


Construct a scatterplot to represent the correlation between smoking and anxiety. Describe the direction of the correlation and give two possible explanations for it.



3. At Michigan State University, 32 students are enrolled in class A, 48 students are enrolled in class B, and 16 students are enrolled in class C. For which of these three classes is there the greatest probability that more than 75 percent of the students have blond hair?  Explain your answer and indicate why this explanation has relevance for generalizing appropriately from samples to the larger populations in which you are interested.




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