Exploring Social Psychology 8th Edition By David Myers – Test Bank


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Exploring Social Psychology 8th Edition By David Myers – Test Bank

Module 01

Doing Social Psychology


1. According to the text, social psychology is defined as the scientific study of how people

A. motivate, persuade, and hurt one another.

B. think about, influence, and relate to one another.

C. manipulate, use, and betray one another.

D. conform, help, and form attitudes about one another.

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2. Theories help social psychologists _____ their observations and _____ their hypotheses.

A. test; organize

B. organize; test

C. objectify; refute

D. refute; objectify

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3. A theory

A. is an agreed-upon statement.

B. summarizes and explains facts.

C. cannot be tested.

D. is less than fact.

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4. A _____ is an integrated set of principles that can explain and predict observed events.

A. theory

B. hypothesis

C. fact

D. correlation

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5. The difference between facts and theories is that

A. facts explain theories.

B. theories explain facts.

C. facts are ideas.

D. theories are statements.

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6. _____ explain and predict observed events while _____ are testable predictions.

A. Statements; theories

B. Theories; hypotheses

C. Hypotheses; theories

D. Correlations; experiments

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 7. According to the text, which of the following is one of the purposes of a hypothesis?

A. Hypotheses allow us to test a theory.

B. Hypotheses provide explanations for research results.

C. Hypotheses prove theories.

D. Hypotheses communicate the results of research studies.

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 8. Which of the following is an example of field research?

A. taking opinion polls of people in an amusement park about its hygiene and cleanliness

B. flashing different color lights on players on the pitch during a soccer game

C. testing the effects of chemicals on animals in an industrial lab

D. observing changes in the moods of people in a laboratory when they are exposed to violent movies

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9. Which of the following best defines informed consent in an experiment?

A. informing the research participants about the results of the experiment

B. telling the research participants about the content of the experiment so as to help them choose whether they wish to participate in the experiment

C. communicating to the research participants about the deception used in the experiment

D. informing the research participants about the feedback received from other participants about the effectiveness of the experiment

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 10. Research done in natural, real-life settings outside the laboratory is referred to as

A. correlational research.

B. experimental research.

C. laboratory research.

D. field research.

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