International Business Competing in the Global Marketplace 11th Edition – Test Bank


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International Business Competing in the Global Marketplace 11th Edition By Charles -Thomas – Test Bank

Table of Contents

Part One- Introduction and Overview

Chapter 1: Globalization

Opening case: Medical Tourism and the Globalization of Health Care

Closing case: Building the Boeing 787

Part Two- National Differences

Chapter 2: National Differences in Political Economy, and legal systems

Opening case: Corruption in Brazil

Closing case: Putin’s Russia

Chapter 3: National Differences in Economic Development

Opening case: Democracy and Economic Development in Sub-Saharan Africa

Closing case: Political and Economic Reform in Myanmar

Chapter 4: Differences in culture

Opening case: busy Buy and eBay in China

Closing case: World Expo 2020 in Dubai, UAE

Chapter 5: Ethics, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Sustainability

Opening case: Making toys globally

Closing case: Bitcoin as an Ethical Dilemma

Part Three- The Global Trade and Investment Environment

Chapter 6: International Trade Theory

Opening case: China and Australia Enter into a Free Trade Agreement

Closing case: Creating the World’s Biggest Free Trade Zone

Chapter 7: Government Policy and International Trade

Opening case: U.S Tariffs on Chinese Solar Panels Benefit Malaysia

Closing case: Sugar Subsidies Drive Candy Makers Abroad

Chapter 8: Foreign Direct Investment

Opening case: Volkswagen in Russia

Closing case: Foreign Direct Investment in Nigeria

Chapter 9: Regional Trade Pacts Give the Mexican Auto Industry an Edge

Closing case: Tomato Wars

Part Four- The Global Monetary System

Chapter 10: The Foreign Exchange Market

Opening case: Subaru’s Sales Boom Thanks to the Weaker Yen

Closing case: Embraer and the Wild Ride of the Brazilian Real

Chapter 11: The International Monetary System

Opening case: The IMF and Ukraine’s Economic Crisis

Closing case: The IMF and Iceland’s Economic Recovery

Chapter 12: The Global Capital Market

Opening case: Alibaba’s Record-Setting IPO

Closing case: Declining Cross-Border Capital Flows-Retreat or Reset?

Part Five- The Strategy and Structure of International Business

Chapter 13: The Strategy of International Business

Opening case: IKEA’s Global Strategy

Closing case: Global Strategy Levers

Chapter 14: The Organization of International Business

Opening case: P&G-Strength in Architecture

Closing case: Koninklijke Philips NV

Chapter 15: Entry Strategy and Strategic Alliances

Opening Case: Starbucks’ Foreign Entry Strategy

Closing case: General Motors Corporation

Part Six- International Business Functions

Chapter 16: Exporting, Importing, and Countertrade

Opening case: Exporting Desserts

Closing case: Two Men and a Truck

Chapter 17: Global Production and Supply Chain Management

Opening case: Apple: The Best Supply Chains in the World?

Closing case: Two Men and a Truck

Chapter 18: Global Marketing and R&D

Opening case: Global Branding of Avengers and Iron Man

Closing case: Domino’s Worldwide

Chapter 19: Global Human Resource Management

Opening case: A Global Team at Mary Kay Inc.

Closing case: IBM and Its Human Resources

Chapter 20: Accounting and Finance in the International Business


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