Interpersonal Communication 1st Edition by Teri Kwal Gamble – Test Bank


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Interpersonal Communication 1st Edition by Teri Kwal Gamble – Test Bank

ISBN: 9781544351179, ISBN: 9781544337807, ISBN: 9781544365565, ISBN: 9781544377346

Chapter 1: Interpersonal Communication: A First Look

Multiple Choice

1.  What fraction of young adults send more than 100 texts each day? 

A)  1/2

B)  1/3

C)  1/10

D)  None

Ans:  B

2.  The ability to communicate effectively is known as  

A)  Interpersonal communication 

B)  Intrapersonal communication

C)  Interpersonal competence 

D)  Having a conversation

Ans:  C

3.  Which of the following is an example of verbal communication?

A)  Phone conversation

B)  Nodding your head

C)  Responding to a text

D)  Slumping in your chair

Ans:  A

4.  If the color of a room is not appealing to you, which of the elements of communication would be affected the most? 

A)  Message

B)  People

C)  Context

D)  Noise

Ans:  D

5.  This kind of feedback enhances behavior in progress and serves as a reinforcing function, causing us to continue our behavior. 

A)  Negative

B)  Positive

C)  Internal

D)  External

Ans:  B

6.  When we carefully craft a response designed to serve a particular purpose, we are offering what type of feedback?

A)  Low monitored

B)  Immediate

C)  Delayed

D)  High monitored

Ans:  D

7.  Interpersonal communication serves many functions in our lives; which is NOT a function it typically serves? 

A)  Psychological

B)  Social

C)  Influence

D)  Location

Ans: D

8.  Interpersonal communication is helpful to us because it does which of the following? 

A)  Fulfills our need to be friended and to friend

B)  Alleviates our feelings of isolation

C)  Fulfills our desire to feel needed, loved, wanted, and capable

D)  All of the above

Ans:  D


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