Solution Manual for Business Research Methods 9th Edition By Zikmund


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Solution Manual for Business Research Methods 9th Edition By Zikmund

ISBN-10: 1111826927, ISBN-13: 978-1111826925

Chapter 1: The Role of Business Research




  1. The Nature of Research
  2. Business research defined
  3. Applied and basic business research
  4. The scientific method


  1. Managerial Value of Business Research
  2. Identifying problems or opportunities
  3. Diagnosing and assessing problems or opportunities
  4. Selecting and implementing a course of action
  5. Evaluating the course of action


III.   When Is Business Research Needed?

  1. Time constraints
  2. Availability of data
  3. Nature of the decision
  4. Benefits versus costs


  1. Business Research in the 21st Century
  2. Communication Technologies
  3. Global business research




  1. Understand how research contributes to business success
  2. Know how to define business research
  3. Understand the difference between basic and applied business research
  4. Understand how research activities can be used to address business decisions
  5. Know when business research should and should not be conducted.
  6. Appreciate the way that technology and internationalization are changing business research.


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