Test Bank For Animal Diversity 8th Edition By Hickman


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Test Bank For Animal Diversity 8th Edition By Hickman

ISBN-13: 978-1259756887, ISBN-10: 1259756882

Chapter 1   Science of Zoology and Evolution of Animal Diversity


1) A characteristic of science is that

  1. A) it is not explained by natural laws.
  2. B) its hypotheses are testable.
  3. C) its conclusions are final.
  4. D) it is not falsifiable.
  5. E) it seeks to define the vitalistic forces of life.


2) During the creation court case in Arkansas, Judge Overton defined the essential properties of science. Which statement is NOT true about science?

  1. A) Science is concerned about understanding the natural world.
  2. B) Science approaches data in a personal or subjective manner.
  3. C) Conclusions of science are subject to change based on new findings.
  4. D) Science establishes hypotheses that have the potential to be tested and disproved.


3) Much of science is based on an approach known as the ________ method.

  1. A) natural
  2. B) inductive-deductive
  3. C) hypothetical
  4. D) hypothetico-deductive


4) What is a hypothesis?

  1. A) A tentative statement, based on information or data, that explains a large number of observations and guides experimentation.
  2. B) A report of the findings of scientific experiments.
  3. C) A general statement made to infer a specific conclusion, often in an “if . . . then” format.
  4. D) Using isolated facts to reach a general idea that may explain a phenomenon.


5) Which statement about a hypothesis is NOT correct?

  1. A) Experiments or observations are conducted to test a hypothesis.
  2. B) A hypothesis can be tested many times using different methods.
  3. C) Data that support a hypothesis actually prove it to be true.
  4. D) If data from experimentation does not lend support to a hypothesis, the hypothesis must be rejected or revised.

6) Which of the following best describes a conceptual scheme in science that is strongly supported, has not yet been found incorrect, and is based on the results of many observations?

  1. A) A scientific paradigm
  2. B) Descriptive research
  3. C) A scientific theory
  4. D) Experimental results


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