Test Bank For Assessment Procedures For Counselors And Helping Professionals 8th Edition


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Test Bank For Assessment Procedures For Counselors And Helping Professionals 8th Edition Robert J. Drummond

ISBN-13: 978-0132850636, ISBN-10: 9780132850636

Chapter 1: Introduction to Assessment


What Is Assessment?

The Purposes of Assessment

Multiple Methods and Multiple Sources

The Assessment Process

Competencies Required for Assessment

Historical Perspectives

Assessment and Technology

Computer-Based Assessment

Internet-Based Assessment

Controversial Issues in Assessment


Moving Forward

Questions for Discussion

Suggested Activities




Multiple Choice Questions


  1. Which of the following statements is the most accurate?
    1. Assessment begins after the first face-to-face meeting with a client.
    2. Assessment occurs only in the first meeting with a client.
    3. Assessment occurs throughout the course of the helping relationship.
    4. All of the above.


  1. In addition to tests, professionals may also gather client information from:
    1. interviews
    2. observations
    3. collateral sources
    4. all of the above


  1. Which statement is correct?
    1. Assessment is only one part of the overall testing process.
    2. Testing is only one part of the overall assessment process.
    3. Testing integrates test information with information from other sources.
    4. None of the above


  1. _________________ is a quick process, usually involving a single procedure of instrument.
    1. Screening
    2. Testing
    3. Assessment
    4. Psychological evaluation


  1. Assessment involves selecting and utilizing __________ __________ of data collection.
    1. multiple observations
    2. multiple tests
    3. multiple methods
    4. multiple techniques


  1. A client is assessed to determine a course of outcome that would improve his or her concerns or problems. In this situation, the purpose for assessment is:
    1. screening
    2. identification and diagnosis
    3. intervention planning
    4. progress and outcome evaluation


  1. The first and most important step in the assessment process is to:
    1. determine if the client is suitable for services
    2. screen the client for potential problems and concerns
    3. identify the client’s problems to be addressed and the reason for assessment
    4. none of the above


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