Test Bank For Auditing & Assurance Services A Systematic Approach William Messier Jr 10th Edition


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Test Bank For Auditing & Assurance Services A Systematic Approach William Messier Jr 10th Edition

ISBN-13: 978-0077732509, ISBN-10: 0077732502

Chapter 01

An Introduction to Assurance and Financial Statement Auditing


True / False Questions

1. Independence standards are required for audits of public companies, but not for audits of private companies.

True    False


2. Decision makers demand reliable information that is provided by accountants.

True    False


3. Information asymmetry seldom occurs.

True    False


4. Conflicts of interest often occur between absentee owners and managers.

True    False


5. Auditing services and attestation services are the same.

True    False


6. Auditing is a type of attest service.

True    False


7. Testing all transactions that occurred during the period is cost prohibitive.

True    False



Multiple Choice Questions

8. Why do auditors generally use a sampling approach to evidence gathering?

A. Auditors are experts and do not need to look at much to know whether the financial statements are correct or not.


B. Auditors must balance the cost of the audit with the need for precision.


C. Auditors must limit their exposure to their auditee to maintain independence.


D. The auditor’s relationship with the auditee is generally adversarial, so the auditor will not have access to all of the financial information of the company.


9. Which of the following statements best describes a relationship between sample size and other elements of auditing?

A. If materiality increases, so will the sample size.


B. If the desired level of assurance increases, sample sizes can be smaller.


C. If materiality decreases, sample size will need to increase.


D. There is no relationship between sample size and materiality or the desired level of assurance.


10. Which of the following statements about the study of auditing is NOT true?

A. The study of auditing can be valuable to future accountants and business decision makers whether or not they plan to become auditors.


B. The study of auditing focuses on learning the analytical and logical skills necessary to evaluate the relevance and reliability of information.


C. The study of auditing focuses on learning the rules, techniques, and computations required to analyze financial statements.


D. The study of auditing begins with the understanding of a coherent logical framework and techniques useful for gathering and analyzing evidence about others’ assertions.


11. The basic purpose of a financial statement audit is to

A. Detect fraud.


B. Examine individual transactions so that the auditor may certify as to their validity.


C. Provide assurance regarding whether the auditee’s financial statements are fairly stated.


D. Assure the consistent application of correct accounting procedures.


12. Assurance services may improve all of the following except

A. Relevance.


B. Credibility.


C. Periodicity.


D. Reliability.


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