Test Bank For Automotive Mechanics 1st Edition By May


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Test Bank For Automotive Mechanics 1st Edition By May

  1. What is a hybrid vehicle?
  1. A vehicle that has a third power plant to charge batteries in an emergency.
  1. A vehicle with a second power plant that is usually for propulsion and economy purposes.
  1. A vehicle that runs on diesel and uses electronic injection technology for emission standards and fuel economy.
  1. A vehicle that runs exclusively on LPG and has a larger-capacity battery fitted.



  1. What is the main function of ABS?
  1. ABS prevents the wheels skidding when the handbrake is applied to a moving vehicle.
  1. ABS monitors the airbag system and seatbelt pre-tensioners in case of an accident.
  1. ABS is an air-brake system fitted to some vehicles as a supplementary braking system.
  1. ABS (antilock braking system) prevents individual wheels from locking and skidding when the brakes are applied forcibly.


  1. What is a body control unit?
  1. Also known as the brake electrical module (BEM) or brake control module (BCM), the unit prevents the brakes from locking up under harsh operating conditions.
  1. Also known as a body electrical module (BEM) or body control module (BCM), the body control unit operates and monitors the vehicle accessory and ancillary equipment.
  1. The BEM/BCM controls engine and drive-line power management through a range of inputs and outputs.
  1. The BCM/BEM controls battery output and the voltage/amperage output of the alternator.


  1. The engine assembly does not include the gear reduction system.

True    False


  1. To insulate the body from noise and vibration, manufacturers use foam rubber.

True    False


  1. The drive train can also be named the drive truck.
    True    False


  1.  Front-wheel-drive vehicles have a transaxle.

True    False

  1. Automatic transmissions do not have a clutch. Instead they have a torque trans.
    True    False


  1. The term ‘torque’ means:
    A. horsepower
    B. twisting force
    C. noise transmitted
    D. drive


  1. Which of the following is true of the clutch?
    A. It allows gears to be selected with ease.
    B. It allows torque to be increased on take-off.
    C. All of the options listed here are correct.
    D. It allows the engine to be disconnected from the gearbox.


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