Test Bank For Becker’s World Of The Cell 9th Edition By Jeff Hardin


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Test Bank For Becker’s World Of The Cell 9th Edition By Jeff Hardin

ISBN-10: 032193492X, ISBN-13: 9780321934925, ISBN-10: 0321934784, ISBN-13: 9780321934789

Table of Contents

1. Introduction to Cell Biology
2. Cells and Organelles
3. The Chemistry of the Cell
4. The Macromolecules of the Cell
5. Bioenergetics: The Flow of Energy in the Cell
6. Enzymes: The Catalysts of Life
7. Membranes: Their Structure, Function, and Chemistry
8. Transport Across Membranes: Overcoming the Permeability Barrier
9. Chemotrophic Energy Metabolism I: Glycolysis and Fermentation
10. Chemotrophic Energy Metabolism II: Aerobic Respiration
11. Phototrophic Energy Metabolism: Photosynthesis
12. The Endomembrane System and Protein Trafficking
13. Cytoskeletal Systems
14. Cellular Movement: Motility and Contractility
15. Beyond the Cell: Cell Adhesions, Cell Junctions, and Extracellular Structures
16. The Structural Basis of Cellular Information: DNA, Chromosomes, and Genome Organization
17. DNA Replication, Repair, and Recombination
18. Gene Expression I: The Genetic Code and Transcription
19. Gene Expression II: Protein Synthesis and Sorting
20. Regulation of Gene Expression
21. Molecular Biology Techniques
22. Signal Transduction Mechanisms I: Electrical and Synaptic Signaling in Neurons
23. Signal Transduction Mechanisms II: Messengers and Receptors
24. The Cell Cycle
25. Sexual Reproduction
26. Cancer


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