Test Bank For Becoming America 1st Edition By David Henkin


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Test Bank For Becoming America 1st Edition By David Henkin

  1. (p. 3)Gaining knowledge of the peoples of the distant past in North America is more difficult than with some other cultures due to the fact that
    A. rulers did not keep written records.
    B. many of the cities were destroyed by the conquistadores.
    C. artifacts and bones were not well preserved in the indigenous soil.
    D. their cultures were much simpler.


  1. (p. 4)The peoples living in North America prior to Columbus’s arrival in 1492 were descendants of migrants from
    A. Europe.
    B. South America.
    C. Asia.
    D. the Caribbean.


  1. (p. 5)Beringia refers to
    A. a culture of North American nomadic tribespeople.
    B. the original migrants to North America.
    C. a mythical city of gold sought by explorers.
    D. a region that included a land bridge between two continents.


  1. (p. 5)Distant descendants of Siberian migrants lived in various regions and developed
    A. distinct languages and religions.
    B. a common language but distinct religions.
    C. distinct languages but common religions.
    D. a common language and religion.



  1. (p. 5)The crop that became the foundation of the agricultural societies of Mexico and Central America was
    A. rice.
    B. wheat.
    C. maize.
    D. beans.


  1. (p. 5)In North America, moundbuilding appeared first in what is now
    A. Texas.
    B. Louisiana.
    C. Florida.
    D. Alabama.


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