Test Bank For Biochemistry 6th Edition Reginald Garrett


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Test Bank For Biochemistry 6th Edition Reginald Garrett

1. All are distinctive properties of living systems EXCEPT:

a. Living organisms are relatively simple.
b. Biological structures play a role in the organism’s existence.
c. The living state is characterized by the flow of energy through the organism.
d. Living organisms are highly organized.
e. Living organisms are actively engaged in energy transformation.




2. Even though the building blocks have fairly simple structures, macromolecules are exquisitely organized in their intricate three-dimensional architecture known as:

a. configuration.
b. conformation.
c. sequence.
d. Lewis structure.
e. structural maturation.




3. All of the following activities require the presence of ATP or NADPH EXCEPT:

a. osmoregulation.
b. biosynthesis.
c. movement of muscles.
d. light emission.
e. none, they are all energy-requiring activities.




4. Which are the four most common elements in the human body?

a. hydrogen, calcium, oxygen and sodium
b. hydrogen, oxygen, iron and carbon
c. hydrogen, oxygen, carbon and nitrogen
d. oxygen, carbon, iron and nitrogen
e. oxygen, silicon, calcium and nitrogen




5. What makes carbon such an abundant element in biomolecules?

a. It can form up to five bonds by sharing its electrons.
b. It forms only single bonds.
c. It provides low bond energy.
d. It forms stable covalent bonds by electron pair sharing.
e. It does not usually bond to other carbons, allowing a more diverse combination of elements.




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