Test Bank For Cognition Theory And Applications 8th Edition By Reed


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Test Bank For Cognition Theory And Applications 8th Edition By Reed

Chapter 1-Introduction

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  1. Cognition can be simply defined as
    A. the study of memory.
    B. the acquisition of knowledge.
    C. the relationship between a stimulus and a response.
    D. the relationship between cognition and brain function.


  1. Which term was not included in Neisser’s definition of cognitive psychology?
    A. transformation
    B. passive registration
    C. elaboration
    D. storage


  1. In Niesser’s definition of cognitive psychology, “¼ sensory input is transformed¼,” means
    A. passive registration of physical energies from the environment on the sensory receptors.
    B. active construction involving both elaboration and reduction.
    C. cross-modal matching (e.g., visually identifying an object based on feeling its shape).
    D. All of these


  1. The “tip-of-the-tongue” phenomenon is an example of a failure of
    A. attention.
    B. recognition.
    C. storage.
    D. retrieval.


  1. The dominant theoretical approach to cognitive psychology today is
    A. behaviorism.
    B. learning theory.
    C. psychoanalysis.
    D. the information processing approach.


  1. The information processing approach reflects ideas from
    A. the computer metaphor.
    B. the cultural metaphor.
    C. the evolutionary metaphor.
    D. the brain metaphor


  1. What is the correct order of stages in an information-processing model?
    A. pattern recognition-sensory store-filter
    B. sensory store-pattern recognition-filter
    C. sensory store-filter-pattern recognition
    D. pattern recognition-filter-sensory store


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