Test Bank For Community-Based Nursing An Introduction 3rd Edition By Melanie McEwen


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Test Bank For Community-Based Nursing An Introduction 3rd Edition By Melanie McEwen

Chapter 1: Opportunities in Community-Based Nursing Practice




  1. Over the past two decades, the health care delivery system has changed dramatically. Among the changes are:
1. Care is becoming more focused on acute health care rather than health promotion and illness prevention.
2. Hospital-based health care delivery has received increasing emphasis.
3. There has been a change in emphasis from treating illness to maintaining health.
4. There has been a move from focusing on aggregates or populations to focusing on the individual.



ANS:   3                      DIF:    Cognitive Level: Comprehension       REF:    Page Reference: 4

OBJ:    1                      TOP:    Introduction


  1. Factors that have served to produce the current nursing shortage in the United States include all of the following except:
1. Heavy workloads and inadequate staffing.
2. Increasing age of the general population and growing need for long-term management of chronic diseases.
3. Perceived lack of opportunity for job placement and advancement.
4. Relatively low wages.



ANS:   4                      DIF:    Comprehension           REF:   Page Reference: 5 (Box 1-1) OBJ:       2          TOP:            Trends in Nursing Employment


  1. Currently, approximately what percentage of nurses in the United States do not work in acute care (hospital) settings?
1. 11%
2. 22%
3. 33%
4. 44%



ANS:   4                      DIF:    Knowledge     REF:    Page Reference: 7

OBJ:    2                      TOP:    Trends in Nursing Employment









  1. The two broad goals of Healthy People 2010 focus on:
1. Achieving access to preventive care for all Americans and increasing life expectancy.
2. Eliminating health disparities and increasing quality years of healthy life.
3. Promoting public health core functions (assessment, assurance, and health policy) and decreasing mortality.
4. Reducing mortality in infants, children, adolescents, adults, and elders and improving health surveillance.



ANS:   2                      DIF:    Comprehension                     REF:     Page Reference: 9

OBJ:    3                      TOP:    Healthy People 2010


  1. All of the following are “focus areas” described in Healthy People 2010 except:
1. Access to quality health services.
2. Cancer.
3. Oral health.
4. Senior health.
5. Tobacco use.



ANS:   4                      DIF:    Knowledge

REF:    Page Reference: 10 (Healthy People 2010 box)                    OBJ:    3

TOP:    Healthy People 2010


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