Test Bank For Continuity and Innovation 1st Edition by Gazso


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Test Bank For Continuity and Innovation 1st Edition by Gazso

Multiple Choice


1. According to the textbook, we study families for several important reasons. Which of these statements is one of those reasons?

a. Families are the most productive units of society.
b. Families all have the same structures, so they are easy to compare.
c. Sociologists like to study family for its rapid changes in structure and functions.
d. Sociologists need many subjects to study at a time.




2. Which of the following is an aspect important for the study of families?

a. definition of situation
b. self-fulfilling prophecy
c. sociological imagination
d. cyclical theory




3. Why has the traditional family pathway of marriage, parenthood, and empty nest changed today?

a. highly individualized actions
b. state policy-related actions
c. unprecedented actions
d. political actions




4. The traditional family pathway is changing. Which of the following applies to family pathways today?

a. We can experience the same events at different points in time.
b. We can experience past events that we missed.
c. We can experience only one point in time.
d. We can experience pathways in many different countries.




5. When discussing families in sociological terms today, which of the following is NOT an assumption made by sociologists?

a. Compared to the history, there is a different mode of operation for today’s families.
b. Families are changing at a much faster rate today than in the past.
c. Families have evolved into many types compared to the past.
d. There is a normative and linear family pathway that the majority of families travel today.




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