Test Bank For Counseling Children 9th Edition by Henderson


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Test Bank For Counseling Children 9th Edition by Henderson

Chapter 1




  1. An invention that provoked a new idea of adulthood was
    1. The combustible engine
    2. The telephone
    3. The printing press *** (p. 4)
    4. The computer


  1. In the 17th century two people who thought that children should be treated with thought and care were
    1. Locke and Rousseau *** (p. 5)
    2. Rogers and Maslow
    3. Dixon and Binet
    4. Freud and Freud


  1. Adults may underestimate children’s ability to
    1. Learn
    2. Problem-solve
    3. Recognize reality
    4. All of the above *** (p. 7)


  1. Family conditions that promote resilience include
    1. few alternative caretakers.
    2. older mothers for resilient males.
    3. opportunities to participate in household activities *** (p. 14)
    4. a strong sense of political commitment.


  1. According to your text, some of the things that cause our children problems are the following
    1. the changing world, values in flux, and stress *** (p. 7-9)
    2. too much sugar and starch in their diets
    3. a competitive environment
    4. the focus on self-esteem


  1. One of the continuing challenges for many children is
    1. enmeshed extended families
    2. unchanging values.
    3. *** (p. 9)
    4. high stakes testing


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