Test Bank For Create Success 1st Edition By Jon Doyle


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Test Bank For Create Success 1st Edition By Jon Doyle

Multiple Choice Questions

  1. What is the base upon which your college success will be built?
    A. Your commitment
    B. The Constitution
    C. Your personal foundation
    D. Your strengths and weaknesses


  1. The Answer to what question is a key element in your personal foundation?
    A. What are your goals?
    B. Why are you here?
    C. What are your career plans?
    D. What is your major?


  1. When feeling anxious, you should think about:
    A. Your personal mission statement
    B. Your workload for the upcoming week
    C. Money
    D. This course


  1. Your school has specific expectations for you, including:
    A. Creating or joining study groups
    B. Attending sporting events
    C. Studying for and doing well on exams
    D. Joining as many clubs as possible


  1. Your odds of being successful in college are increased by:
    A. Being good at math
    B. Taking only the minimum amount of credits each semester
    C. Learning to thrive on a low-level of stress
    D. Having proper support and resources




  1. What are three crucial components to college survival?
    A. Planning, focusing, and applying
    B. Planning, prioritizing, and focusing
    C. Prioritizing, focusing and applying
    D. Time Management, exercise, and writing skills


  1. Making connections with fellow students, staff, and administration is part of:
    A. Focusing on results
    B. Prioritizing
    C. Planning
    D. Committing to your education


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