Test Bank For Criminal Law 7th Edition By John M. Scheb


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Test Bank For Criminal Law 7th Edition By John M. Scheb





  1. Our legal system regards crimes as offenses not just against individual victims, but against society as a whole.


ANS: T               REF: 7             LO: 5


  1. A “tort” is a very serious crime for which one may be incarcerated in a prison for more than one year.


ANS: F               REF: 9             LO: 2


  1. A misdemeanor is considered more serious than a felony.


ANS: F               REF: 5             LO: 2


  1. In certain instances, a person may be held criminally responsible regardless of intent.


ANS: T               REF: 5             LO: 2


  1. In the American legal system, there can be no crime, and no punishment, except as provided by law.


ANS: T               REF: 4             LO: 1


  1. American criminal law is derived largely from the English common law.


ANS: T               REF: 10           LO: 4


  1. The federal government has adopted the common law of crimes.


ANS: F               REF: 11           LO: 4


  1. Appellate courts perform an error correction function, but they do not perform a lawmaking function.


ANS: F                        REF: 14           LO: 7


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