Test Bank For Diseases of the Human Body 5th Edition By Carol Tamparo


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Test Bank For Diseases of the Human Body 5th Edition By Carol Tamparo

ISBN-13: 978-0803625051, ISBN-10: 0803625057

Chapter 1: The Disease Process

Multiple Choice

Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.


1.   Factors influencing the disease process in elderly clients include:

a. Chromosomal disorder.
b. Decreased immunity.
c. Degenerative conditions.
d. Both B and C


2.   Phenotype is a word used to describe:

a. Inherited diseases.
b. Physical appearance.
c. Personality traits.
d. Color vision.


3.   Hemophilia is a/an:

a. Multifactorial disorder.
b. Chromosomal disorder.
c. X- or sex-linked disorder.
d. Autosomal disorder.


4.   Diseases caused by bacteria include:

a. Diphtheria.
b. Yellow fever.
c. Hepatitis.
d. Rocky Mountain spotted fever.


5.   A predisposing factor:

a. May make a person more susceptible to disease.
b. Might be age, sex, heredity, or environment.
c. Includes lifestyle.
d. All of the above


6.   Hereditary diseases:

a. Always appear at birth.
b. May go undetected until adolescence or adulthood.
c. Are caused by a person’s genetic makeup.
d. Both B and C


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