Test Bank For Emergency Care 13th Edition By Daniel J. Limmer


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Test Bank For Emergency Care 13th Edition By Daniel J. Limmer

ISBN-13: 978-0134034904, ISBN-10: 0134034902

MULTIPLE CHOICE. Choose the one alternative that best completes the statement or answers the question.

1) Which of the following BEST describes a communication system capable of identifying the number
and location of the phone from which a caller is calling? 1) A) Enhanced 911 B) Advanced 911 C) Data display 911 D) Priority dispatch 911 Answer: A
Explanation: A)
CORRECT. An enhanced 911 system has the capability of automatically identifying
the caller’s phone number and location. B)
INCORRECT. Advanced 911 is an emergency texting system rather than a system
for locating callers. C)
INCORRECT. Data display 911 does not refer to a system capable of identifying a
caller’s location. D)
INCORRECT. Priority dispatch 911 would refer more to an internal
communication center protocol than a system for displaying locations and phone
numbers. 2)
Which of the following is the most common gateway for hospital services for patients who need
emergency medical assistance? 2) A) Emergency medical dispatch center B) Emergency medical services system C) Surgical services department D) Emergency department Answer: D
Explanation: A)
INCORRECT. An emergency medical dispatch center coordinates transports to the
hospitals but is not involved in determining or promoting specific hospital
services. B)
INCORRECT. The EMS system is not generally involved with hospital services
other than the emergency department. C)
INCORRECT. Although an important component of a hospital’s services, not all
emergency medical patients will require surgery. D)
CORRECT. The emergency department serves as the gateway for the rest of the
services offered by a hospital. 3)
The National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) was founded to establish
which of the following? 3) A) Quality oversight of emergency medical services practices B) Quality improvement and quality assurance programs for emergency medical services C) An education curriculum for EMT courses D) National standards for emergency medical services personnel Answer: D
Explanation: A)
INCORRECT. The NREMT created the standards used for modern EMS, but the
organization does not oversee or determine the quality of provided services. B)
INCORRECT. The NREMT developed the professional standards for emergency
care personnel, but is not involved in quality improvement or any assurance of the
care provided. C)
INCORRECT. Although EMT course curricula are based on the standards
provided by the NREMT, the National Registry was not founded to create them. D)
CORRECT. In 1970, the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians
(NREMT) was founded to establish national standards within the industry.


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