Test Bank For Employee Training & Development 8th Edition By Raymond Noe


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Test Bank For Employee Training & Development 8th Edition By Raymond Noe

Employee Training and Development, 8e (Noe)

Chapter 1   Introduction to Employee Training and Development


1) ________ refers to training, formal education, job experiences, relationships, and assessments of personality, skills, and abilities that help employees prepare for future jobs or positions.

  1. A) Knowledge management
  2. B) Formal training
  3. C) Development
  4. D) Succession planning


2) Which of the following statements is true of human capital?

  1. A) Human capital is an organization’s tangible asset.
  2. B) It is easy to imitate or purchase an organization’s human capital.
  3. C) Motivation to deliver high-quality products and services is a part of human capital.
  4. D) Human capital is standardized in companies.


3) Informal learning ________.

  1. A) is developed and organized by a company
  2. B) is not required for the development of human capital
  3. C) cannot be controlled by the employees
  4. D) leads to the effective development of tacitknowledge


4) Which of the following is true of tacit knowledge?

  1. A) It is easily codified and transferred from person-to-person.
  2. B) Formulas and definitions are examples of tacit knowledge.
  3. C) It is best acquired through formal training and development.
  4. D) It is best acquired through informal learning.


5) ________ is an example of tacit knowledge.

  1. A) Personal knowledge based on experience
  2. B) Knowledge of formal processes
  3. C) Knowledge of definitions
  4. D) Knowledge of formulas


6) ________ refers to a systematic approach for developing training programs.

  1. A) Total quality management
  2. B) Continuous learning
  3. C) The Instructional System Design (ISD) model
  4. D) Training and development


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