Test Bank For Essential Cell Biology 4th Edition By Bruce Alberts


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Test Bank For Essential Cell Biology 4th Edition By Bruce Alberts

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Essential Cell Biology, Fourth Edition

Chapter 1: Cells: The Fundamental Units of Life


Unity and Diversity of Cells


1-1       Living systems are incredibly diverse in size, shape, environment, and behavior. It is estimated that there are between 10 million and 100 million different species. Despite this wide variety of organisms, it remains difficult to define what it means to say something is alive. Which of the following can be described as the smallest living unit?

(a)        DNA

(b)        cell

(c)        organelle

(d)       protein


1-2       Indicate whether the following statements are true or false. If the statement is false, explain why it is false.

  1. The Paramecium is a multicellular microorganism covered with hairlike cilia.
  2. Cells of different types can have different chemical requirements.
  3. The branchlike extensions that sprout from a single nerve cell in a mammalian brain can extend over several hundred micrometers.


1-3       For each of the following sentences, fill in the blanks with the best word or phrase selected from the list below. Not all words or phrases will be used; each word or phrase should be used only once.


Cells can be very diverse: superficially, they come in various sizes, ranging from bacterial cells such as Lactobacillus, which is a few __________________ in length, to larger cells such as a frog’s egg, which has a diameter of about one __________________. Despite the diversity, cells resemble each other to an astonishing degree in their chemistry. For example, the same 20 __________________ are used to make proteins. Similarly, the genetic information of all cells is stored in their __________________. Although __________________ contain the same types of molecules as cells, their inability to reproduce themselves by their own efforts means that they are not considered living matter.


amino acids                 micrometer(s)                          viruses

DNA                           millimeter(s)                            yeast

fatty acids                   plants

meter                           plasma membranes


1-4       How does cellular specialization serve multicellular organisms and how might a high degree of specialization be detrimental?


1-5       The flow of genetic information is controlled by a series of biochemical reactions that result in the production of proteins, each with its own specific order of amino acids. Choose the correct series of biochemical reactions from the options presented here.

(a)        replication, transcription, translation

(b)        replication, translation, transcription

(c)        translation, transcription, replication

(d)       translation, replication, transcription


1-6       Proteins are important architectural and catalytic components within the cell, helping to determine its chemistry, its shape, and its ability to respond to changes in the environment. Remarkably, all of the different proteins in a cell are made from the same 20 __________. By linking them in different sequences, the cell can make protein molecules with different conformations and surface chemistries, and therefore different functions.

(a)        nucleotides.

(b)        sugars.

(c)        amino acids.

(d)       fatty acids.


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