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Test Bank For HDEV 4 4E By Rathus

Multiple Choice

1. In ancient times and in the Middle Ages, children were often viewed as _____.​

a.  ​innately good
b.  ​innately evil
c.  ​a tabula rasa
d.  ​a genetic product

2. John Locke is most likely to agree with the fact that:

a.  children are born innately good.
b.  children are born innately evil.
c.  children are influenced by their experiences.
d.  Children are indifferent to their surroundings.

3. Differentiate between John Locke’s writing and Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s writings.

a.  While Locke argued that children are inherently good, Rousseau argued that children were innately evil.
b.  While Locke focused on the role of the environment, Rousseau focused on the expression of natural impulses.
c.  While Locke believed that children should be treated as property and servants, Rousseau believed that children should be treated with respect and care.
d.  While Locke believed in the traditional views of developmental psychology, Rousseau believed in the modern views of developmental psychology.

4. Which of the following is true of family life during the industrial revolution?

a.  Family life was legally defined to include three generations of relatives.
b.  Family life grew to include extended family members, like cousins, aunts, and uncles.
c.  Family life was defined in terms of the nuclear unit of mother, father, and children.
d.  Family life shrank to include only one child per family.

5. Which of the following is true of children in the 20th century?

a.  Children received greater legal protection than they did prior to then.
b.  Children were married younger than during previous centuries.
c.  Children were considered to be the property of their parents.
d.  Children experienced less emphasis on education than during previous centuries.

6. The idea of childhood as a special time of life:

a.  was concurrent with a time of ease for children during the Industrial Revolution.
b.  became evident during the Industrial Revolution, as children became more visible.
c.  lasted throughout the Industrial Revolution but gradually declined through the 20th century.
d.  corresponded to the Middle Ages and the importance of children in the family during this time.

7. The purpose of the first standardized intelligence test was to:

a.  measure IQ scores to determine genius-level abilities in children.
b.  identify children who were at risk of falling behind in school.
c.  create separate classrooms for high- and low-intelligence children.
d.  compare people of different racial and ethnic backgrounds.


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