Test Bank For Health Behavior And Health Education Theory Research And Practice 5th Edition


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Test Bank For Health Behavior And Health Education Theory Research And Practice 5th Edition By Karen Glanz

Chapter 1: The Scope of Health Behavior

Multiple Choice Questions

Which statement is NOT an example of the changing scope and tools of health behavior?
The recognition of the importance of evidence-based methods in health behavior
An increase in evaluations of theory-based interventions
Use of new technologies to promote and track healthy behaviors
Interventions that include diverse populations and levels
The increased reliance on personal experiences to inform interventions

Research on effective methods to achieve health behavior change suggests:
All of the necessary evidence required to modify negative health behaviors already exists, but has not been properly disseminated
Systematic-reviews and meta-analyses have been overused as sources of evidence
Interventions should be based on theory and developed from formative research
Too much time and money has been spent on the development of valid and reliable data collection instruments
Theory is becoming less relevant and there should be a renewed focus on practice-based research

Health behavior theory draws from the following fields of study:
Sociology, Psychology, Anthropology
Nursing, Medicine, Statistics
Chemistry, Physics, Informatics
A and B
All of the above

Which is NOT an example of a behavioral factor contributing to mortality in the United States:
Tobacco use
Physical Activity
Alcohol use

Which statement describes a recent trend in health behavior research:
There is an increased interest in the behavioral and social determinants of health
There is an increased interest in infectious diseases in middle and high income populations
There is an increased interest in the genetic determinants of health
There is increased recognition that individuals are responsible for their poor health
None of the above

In the United States, increased access to data and surveillance systems to track health have shown improvements in all areas EXCEPT:
Vaccine coverage
Blood pressure
Alcohol-related motor vehicle accidents
Tobacco use

One critique of evidence-based interventions in the United States is:
They do not take into account differences between populations
Their dissemination takes too long to reach the people who could benefit from them
There are a lack people trained to conduct high quality research
They overemphasize experiences of individual health care providers
All of the above

Increased global urbanization has:
Contributed to an increase in unhealthy lifestyles
Resulted in overcrowding and increased pollution
Increased access to interventions aimed at improving health
A and B
A, B, and C

New health technologies (e.g. eHealth and mHealth):
Have reduced the need for health behavior research
Have the potential to cause harm through misleading information and/or interference in the patient-provider relationship
Spiked in popularity in the early 2000’s followed by a sharp decline in use
Are responsible for bridging the gap between health theory research and practice
All of the above

When an existing health policy does not result in measureable changes in behavior or improvements in health, it is recommended that:
New policies be implemented and the existing policy be discarded
The existing policy be implemented with a larger population to reach a larger sample size
No action be taken as the health behavior or condition is either not worth addressing or impossible to change
More information about the duration and effectiveness of implementation be provided before taking action
A more homogenous population be selected for policy testing

True/False Questions

In the United States, obesity prevalence and vaccine coverage have improved in the last 20 years as a result of better data and surveillance systems.
a. True
b. False

Health behavior change interventions are primarily carried out in hospitals and clinics.
a. True
b. False

In the past 10-15 years, high quality data collection processes in the United States have improved.
a. True
b. False

Health behavior theory is NOT well suited for health problems with environmental and social determinants.
a. True
b. False

In the United States, infectious diseases account for more deaths than chronic diseases.
a. True
b. False

Public health professionals work and deliver services almost exclusively in traditional healthcare settings.
a. True
b. False

The rapid development of communication technologies provides an opportunity for health promotion activities to reach new and diverse populations.
a. True
b. False

Health behavior research developments are primarily the responsibility of medical practitioners.
a. True
b. False



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