Test Bank For Health Informatics An Interprofessional Approach 1st Edition


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Test Bank For Health Informatics An Interprofessional Approach 1st Edition By Nelson Staggers

Table of Contents

Unit 1: Background and Foundational Information

Introduction: The Evolution of Health Informatics

Theoretical Foundations of Health informatics

Evidence-Based Practice and Informatics

Knowledge Discovery, Data Mining, and Practice-Based Evidence

Program Evaluation and Research Techniques

Unit 2: Information Systems in Health Care Delivery

Electronic Health Records and Applications for Managing Patient Care

Applications for Managing Institutions Delivering Healthcare

Telehealth and Applications for Delivering Care at a Distance

Home Health and Related Community-Based Systems

Clinical Decision Support Systems in Healthcare

Public Health Informatics

Technical Infrastructure to Support Healthcare

Unit 3: Participatory Health Care Informatics and Health Care on the Internet

The Evolving ePatient

Social Networking and Other Web-Based Applications in Healthcare

Personal Health Records (PHRs)

Unit 4: Project Management Tools and Procedures

Identifying and Selecting an Information System Solution

Implementing and Upgrading an Information System Solution

Health System Downtime and Disaster Recovery

Unit 5: Quality, Usability and Standards in Informatics

Privacy, Confidentiality, Security and Safety

Patient Safety and Quality Initiatives in Informatics

Improving the User Experience for Health Information Technology Products


Unit 6: Governance and Organizational Structures for Informatics

Health IT Governance

Legal Issues, Federal Regulations and Accreditation

Health Policy and Informatics

Unit 7: Education and Informatics

Informatics in the Curriculum for Healthcare Professionals

Distance Education: Applications, Techniques and Issues

Information Systems and Technical Tools in Healthcare Education

Simulation in Healthcare Education

Unit 8: International Informatics Efforts

International Efforts, Issues, and Innovations

Unit 9: The Present and Future

31. Future Directions and Future Research in Health Informatics


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