Test Bank For Healthcare Management Organization Design & Behavior 6th


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Test Bank For Healthcare Management Organization Design And Behavior 6th Edition By Lawton Burns


1. “Value” for health care firms is defined as the quotient of ____________________ divided by cost.

 And Answer is: Quality

2. Health care costs rise inexorably because of rising ____________________ costs and its broad
application to new patients and patient indications.

 And Answer is

3. Due to malpractice insurance premiums, some argue that significant cost savings could be achieved
through the passage and enactment of ____________________.

 And Answer is
Tort Reform

4. The one issue that currently unites the entire value chain in health care is ____________________.
ANS: reimbursement

5. One of several reasons the health care system is slow to change is that the industry is heavily regulated
at both the state and ____________________ levels by myriad agencies and professional associations.

 And Answer is

6. In 2009, President Obama’s stimulus package included funding for the diffusion of
____________________ medical records across physician offices to begin to address problems of data

 And Answer is

7. The scientific management school (Taylor, 1911) extended the Weberian model by explicitly
emphasizing the “control” element of ____________________.

 And Answer is

8. ____________________ network structure can be analyzed in two ways: in terms of interaction
patterns and in terms of structural similarity.

 And Answer is

9. The ____________________ adaptive systems approaches are composed of multiple, diverse,
interconnected elements; and are adaptive in that they have the capability to change and learn from
their experience.

 And Answer is

10. The different theoretical schools suggest different strategies for changing organizations and different
____________________ that managers need to develop.

 And Answer is


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