Test Bank For History of Psychology The Making of a Science 1st Edition


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Test Bank For History of Psychology The Making of a Science 1st Edition

Chapter 1: 21st Century Psychology


1. Which of the following is believed to be the oldest examples of human writing?

a. Prehistoric etchings on fragments of stone tablets
b. 8,800 year-old markings on tortoise shells from China
c. 30,000 year-old cave paintings in France


2. What are the primary source materials for historians?

a. records and documents
b. traditions passed from person to person
c. anything produced by people
d. human artifacts


3. How long have human-like species existed?

a. 6,000 years c. 1,000,000 years
b. 100,000 years d. 4,000,000 years


4. Which of the following terms refers to the spirit of a place?

a. Ortgeist
b. Zenergeist

c. Deogeist

d. Ubergeist


5. Thomas is tired of hearing his grandparents talk about how things were when they were his age. He listens about how they were expected to work to contribute to the family and were happy to do so, how they were happy to have enough to eat and didn’t expect to eat out regularly, etc. Thomas explains to his grandparents that things are different now, so his feelings are different from theirs. What term would historians be most likely to use for how it feels to live in a particular time and place?

a. epoch c. pathos
b. zeitgeist d. paradigm


6. Which term is used to refer to the time period during which humans existed but left no written records?

a. Mesozoic Era c. oral culture
b. Neanderthal period d. prehistory



7. Early theories of developmental psychology often treated women as though they were somehow “less” than men. Consistent with changes in culture as a whole, today’s theories recognize differences between men and women, but do not assume one sex is superior or more complete than the other. Which of the following would historians of psychology be most likely to say has changed?

a. zeitgeist                 c. theoretical practices
b. belief systems      d. rationality


8. Bruno’s professor requires a paper on an eminent psychologist. Which of the following best describes the characteristics Bruno should look for in deciding whether an individual is eminent?

a. The person’s skills, ability and status
b. The amount of controversy the person creates
c. Whether the general public views the person as trustworthy
d. The person’s influence on popular culture



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