Test Bank For International Economics 8th Edition By Steven Husted


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Test Bank For International Economics 8th Edition By Steven Husted

Table Of Contents
Chapter 1: An Introduction to International Trade

Chapter 2:Tools of Analysis for International Trade Models

Chapter 3: The Classical Model of International Trade

Chapter 4: The Heckscher-Ohlin Model

Chapter 5: Tests of Trade Models: The Leontief Paradox and Its Aftermath

Chapter 6: Tariffs

Chapter 7: Nontariff Barriers and Arguments for Protection

Chapter 8: Commercial Policy: History and Practice

Chapter 9: Preferential Trade Arrangements

Chapter 10: International Trade and Economic Growth

Chapter 11: An Introduction to International Finance

Chapter 12: The Balance of Payments

Chapter 13: The Foreign-Exchange Market

Chapter 14: Prices and Exchange Rates: Purchasing Power Parity

Chapter 15: Exchange Rates, Interest Rates, and Interest Parity

Chapter 16: Foreign-Exchange Risk, Forecasting, and International Investment

Chapter 17: Basic Theories of the Balance of Payments

Chapter 18: Exchange Rate Theories

Chapter 19: Alternative International Monetary Standards

Chapter 20: International Banking, Debt, and Risk

Chapter 21: Open-Economy Macroeconomic Policy and Adjustment


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