Test Bank For Interpersonal Conflict 10Th Edition By William


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Test Bank For Interpersonal Conflict 10Th Edition By William


Chapter 1


T F 1. According to Chapter 1, the authors state that people are born with conflict

 management skills that mostly stem from common sense.


T F 2. Once a person becomes truly skilled at managing conflict, he or she will not have to deal with it—conflict is avoidable.

T F 3. Once a person perceives that another person’s emotional intensity is escalating, the negative spiral has begun.

T F 4. More than 50 percent of adolescent conflicts are resolved by standoffs or withdrawal.

T F 5. An example of a scarce resource is self-esteem.

T F 6. According to the text, disagreements are same as conflicts.

T F 7. According to the text, an interpersonal conflict requires that the struggle

be expressed.

T F 8. Unresolved conflict can have an impact on a person’s mental health.

T F 9. A gridlocked conflict arises when a conflict makes a person feel wanted by his or her partner.

T F 10. According to the text, complaints can only be destructive, not constructive.

T F 11. Increasing accurate self-awareness will help you better manage conflict.

Multiple Choice Questions

1. Which of the following is not an essential feature of Hocker and Wilmot’s definition of interpersonal conflict?

a. An expressed struggle

b. Independence

c. Perceived incompatible goals

d. Perceived scarce resources

e. Interference

Ans: b


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