Test Bank For Management of Occupational Health and Safety 6th Edition


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Test Bank For Management of Occupational Health and Safety 6th Edition by Lori Francis Bernadette

Chapter 1—Introduction
1. Which of the following occupational illnesses have been around since ancient Egyptian times?
a. skin diseases
b. liver diseases
c. respiratory problems
d. lung diseases

ANS: c
PTS: 1
REF: p. 6
BLM: Remember
2. Which of the following was articulated by the 1974 Royal Commission on Safety in Mines?
a. requirement for mandatory inspections
b. standards for ventilation
c. system of compensation for injured workers
d. rights of workers

ANS: d
PTS: 1
REF: p. 7
BLM: Remember
3. Which of the following is an example of an employer’s responsibility under OH&S legislation?
a. providing financial support for injured workers
b. cleaning up the workplace before an inspection
c. conducting research on health and safety issues
d. preparing a written occupational health and safety policy

ANS: d
PTS: 1
REF: p. 12
BLM: Remember
4. According to the text, what was the primary reason that supervisors on construction sites
underestimated health and safety risks?
a. They could not recognize unsafe conditions.
b. They believed that risks were unavoidable.
c. They had not experienced any recent accidents.
d. They were obsessed with meeting deadlines.

ANS: a
PTS: 1
REF: p. 12
BLM: Remember
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5. Which of the following is an economic benefit of effective OH&S programs?
a. a reduction in lost-time costs
b. greater due diligence by employers
c. workers look out for the safety of their coworkers
d. improved health and safety provisions during collective bargaining

ANS: a
PTS: 1
REF: p. 4
BLM: Remember
6. Given that injuries and illnesses stem from what workers “do” on the job, why is OH&S not managed
by the production/operations function?
a. Safety is primarily a labor relations issue.
b. Safety requires compliance with labor law.
c. Safety is an educational issue.
d. Safety is a cost issue.

ANS: b
PTS: 1
REF: p. 17
BLM: Higher Order
7. Being an active member of a Joint Health and Safety Committee at work allows workers to satisfy
which one of the principal OH&S employee rights?
a. the right to refuse dangerous work without penalty
b. the right to participate in identifying and correcting health and safety problems
c. the right to know about hazards in the workplace
d. the right to refuse to wear safety equipment that is uncomfortable

ANS: b
PTS: 1
REF: p. 7 & 15
BLM: Higher Order
8. What HRM practice would support an enforcement solution to health and safety?
a. compensation
b. orientation and training
c. performance management
d. job analysis and job design

ANS: c
PTS: 1
REF: p. 16
BLM: Higher Order
9. If XL Foods in Alberta claims that it did everything it could to make sure its own employees were
protected from risks due to tainted meat, on what legal defense are they relying?
a. due process
b. internal responsibility
c. due diligence
Test Bank to accompany Management of Occupational Health and Safety, 6e 1-3
d. assumption of risk

ANS: c
PTS: 1
REF: p. 10
BLM: Higher Order
10. What important safety standard was first established in Ontario in the late nineteenth century?
a. guards on manufacturing machinery
b. appropriate lighting
c. proper ventilation
d. eye protection



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