Test Bank For Marine Biology 8th Edition By Castro


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Test Bank For Marine Biology 8th Edition By Castro

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1. The Challenger expedition made collections of marine organisms:
A. Around the world
B. In the Pacific Ocean only
C. In the Atlantic Ocean only
D. In the Mediterranean Sea only
E. In the North Sea only

2. The first marine laboratory in the world was established in:
A. Russia
B. England
C. France
D. Italy
E. Japan

3. The first marine laboratory established in the U.S. was:
A. Friday Harbor Marine Laboratory in Washington
B. Scripps Institution of Oceanography in California
C. Marine Biological Laboratory at Woods Hole, Massachusetts
D. Smithsonian Institution in Washington
E. Hopkins Marine Station in California

4. Charles Darwin, who proposed the theory of evolution, was actually a marine biologist who specialized
A. Whales
B. Fishes
C. Marine birds
D. Barnacles
E. Oysters

5. A technological development that was a direct development of World War II:
A. Scuba
B. Research vessels
C. Nets
D. Marine laboratories
E. Sonar

6. The scientific method can be best described as:
A. Undertaking of experiments in laboratories
B. Use of induction and deduction
C. Collecting data in the field
D. Procedures used to learn about our world
E. Steps used to obtain observations

7. The factors that might affect observations are called:
A. Controls
B. Variables
C. Experiments
D. Hypotheses
E. Inductive observations

8. A control can be best defined as:
A. A variable that is kept constant in an experiment
B. An experiment where the final results are known ahead of time
C. A hypothesis that regulates the results of an experiment
D. An experiment that is undertaken both in the field and in the laboratory
E. A variable that changes during the course of an experiment

9. A marine biologist observes that mako sharks, sardines, and salmon leap out of the water. An example of
induction from these observations is:
A. Only some fishes can leap out of the water
B. All fishes leap out of the water
C. Fishes leap out of the water to escape from predators
D. Flatfishes can leap out of the water since they live on the bottom
E. Leaping out of the water is often used in feeding

10. From the general statement “All fishes lay eggs,” the following results from deduction:
A. Since tuna are fish, tuna lay eggs
B. Since tuna are fish, tuna swim
C. Egg laying is beneficial to fishes
D. Tuna must lay their eggs in deep water
E. Since fishes are marine, tuna lay eggs


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