Test Bank For The New Leadership Challenge Creating the Future of Nursing 5th Edition By Sheila Grossman


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Test Bank For The New Leadership Challenge Creating the Future of Nursing 5th Edition By Sheila Grossman

ISBN-13: 978-0-8036-5766-3

Chapter 3: Disequilibrium and Chaos: Challenging, Invigorating, and Growth Producing


Multiple Choice

Identify the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.


____    1.   Which action indicates a nurse leader is following the chaos theory?

1. Rethinks the past and models self after previous nurse leaders
2. Develops specific short- and long-term plans with evaluation outcomes
3. Uses intuition and is comfortable with uncertainty
4. Works side by side with physician mentors



____    2.   Wheatley and Kellner-Rogers (1996) say that systems maintain themselves only when change is occurring. How should the nurse interpret this statement?

1. Disorder is a means to survival.
2. It is imperative to keep organizations in status quo.
3. An idea should have its own place and be labeled.
4. Change always produces positive growth.



____    3.   When should nurses start leading?

1. Whenever their preceptor says it is time
2. After working 3 years
3. When they are in management positions
4. As soon as they graduate



____    4.   The uncertainty of health care flows from the chaotic nature of the world over time. This perspective is most similar to which idea?

1. There are far more questions than there are answers.
2. Uncertainty breeds discontent.
3. Nurses should try to plan every step.
4. Life is an endless, thankless journey.



____    5.   Which most significant characteristic will assist nurses to grow in this chaotic health-care environment?

1. Rigidity
2. Efficiency
3. Steadfastness
4. Flexibility



____    6.   A nurse manager has a vision of providing holistic quality care to patients and families. Which action should the nurse manager take to strategically and successfully fulfill this vision?

1. Deemphasize empowerment of staff members.
2. Use the position’s leverage.
3. Partner with agencies outside the organization.
4. Create to-do lists for those involved in the change.



____    7.   When someone questions a procedure, a commonly heard statement by many nurses is, “We’ve always done it this way.” Which description best illustrates this attitude?

1. Limiting change
2. Desiring group cohesiveness
3. Honoring the past
4. Providing commitment



____    8.   Which action can increase a nurse manager’s power most dramatically?

1. Preserving the status quo
2. Maintaining sacred cows
3. Empowering staff members to make change
4. Unionizing with other administrators



____    9.   Unfreezing is a stage of Lewin’s theory of change. Which example in nursing depicts this stage?

1. Using a new acuity system
2. Having frequent staff meetings to discuss a possible change
3. Accepting the new documentation method
4. Evaluating the newly implemented procedure



____  10.   How can new leaders best participate fully in the decision-making processes of their healthcare organizations to accomplish goals?

1. Collaborate with just other nurses to obtain new perspectives.
2. Compromise with other health-care workers so that nursing gets its share of resources.
3. Engage in continuous quality improvement.
4. Work in a silo by oneself.



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