The New Testament A Student’s Introduction 8th Edition by Stephen Harris


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The New Testament A Student’s Introduction 8th Edition by Stephen Harris

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Chapter 01

An Overview of the New Testament

Multiple Choice Questions

  1. (p. 3)What did Christian leaders intend to do when they assembled at Nicaea in Asia Minor about 300 years after Jesus was crucified? 
    A. Plan a holy war against Islam.
    B. Write an amendment to the New Testament to canonize non-Christian scriptures.
    C. Decree that Jesus was more than a teacher and prophet, more than the Son of God but God himself.
    D. Reevaluate the divinity of Jesus in light of that fact that he did not return as promised.
  2. (p. 3)Which religion believes that the Quran transmits the one true faith? 
    A. Buddhism
    B. Judaism
    C. Hinduism
    D. Islam
  3. (p. 4)Why do the Jews believe that they have exclusive property rights to Palestine? 
    A. It was theirs to begin with, before Rome conquered it.
    B. According to Roman law, anyone who developed the land for more than three generations had legal rights to its title.
    C. According to Genesis, God gave them this territory, calling it the Promised Land.
    D. As the “chosen people” they believed that anything they wanted they could have, and God would support them.
  4. (p. 8)“Messiah” means 
    A. Holy One.
    B. Anointed One.
    C. King.
    D. Wise One.
  5. (p. 9-10)Writing 600 years before the time of Jesus, Jeremiah prophesied that the Old Covenant would be replaced by 
    A. democracy.
    B. self-rule.
    C. the New Covenant, or “Testament.”
    D. the Mosaic Covenant.
  6. (p. 11)Christians believed that all the covenants and promises made to Israel throughout history were fulfilled by 
    A. Moses.
    B. the work of the seventy.
    C. the apostles.
    D. Jesus.
  7. (p. 11)What work was produced, according to legend, by seventy-two Hebrew scholars, divided into twelve groups of six, laboring for seventy-two days, and ultimately creating identical translations in isolation? 
    A. the Septuagint
    B. the Pentateuch
    C. Revelation
    D. the Torah
  8. (p. 11)The Septuagint became the standard biblical text for 
    A. East Indians.
    B. Russian Orthodox Christians.
    C. Muslims.
    D. Jews throughout the Greco-Roman world.
  9. (p. 13)An “evangelist” spreads 
    A. knowledge of good and evil.
    B. rumors.
    C. predictions of pestilence and plagues.
    D. the “good news.”
  10. (p. 13-14)What is the distinction between gospel and Gospel? 
    A. Uncapitalized, gospel is an oral message; capitalized, Gospel is a literary work.
    B. Uncapitalized, gospel refers to non-Christian scripture; capitalized, Gospel refers to New Testament scripture.
    C. Uncapitalized, gospel just means news; capitalized, Gospel means good news.
    D. Uncapitalized, gospel is a style of music; capitalized, Gospel is any piece of literature that is true.


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